Vodka Advent Calendar, 24 x 5cl



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- 24 Miniature Bottles

The Lakes Distillery Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur (25%),5cl, The Lakes Distillery Lakes Vodka (40%), 5cl, Au Vodka Blue Raspberry (32.5%), 5cl, Au Vodka Black Grape (32.5%), 5cl, Au Vodka Pineapple Crush (32.5%), 5cl, Holy Grass Scottish Vodka (41.5%), 5cl, Poetic Licence Graceful Vodka (40.4%), 5cl, Ludlow Classic Botanical Vodka (42%), 5cl, Nelsons Vodka Special Edition (42.5%), 5cl, Lakeland Moon Vodka (40%), 5cl, Cuckoo Spring Vodka (40%), 5cl, Batch Innovations Apprentice's Vodka (40%), 5cl, Batch Innovations Citra Vodka (40%), 5cl, Cuckoo Supremo Vodka (40%), 5cl, One Vodka (40%), 5cl, Two Birds Christmas Spices Vodka (37.5%), 5cl, Two Birds Salted Caramel English Vodka (37.5%), 5cl, Two Birds Passion Fruit Vodka (37.5%), 5cl, Four Feathers Botanical Vodka (40%), 5cl, Four Feathers Polish Caramel Vodka (38%), 5cl, Manchester Spirit Botanical Classic Vodka (40%), 5cl, Manchester Spirit Botanical Grapefruit Vodka (40%), 5cl, Manchester Spirit Botanical Coffee Vodka (40%), 5cl, Manchester Spirit Botanical Tonka Vodka (40%), 5c

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