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Malbec - Red Argentinian Wine

Wine of Argentina
Suitable for Vegetarians

  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Made by Argentina's celebrated Catena Family Winemakers with handpicked grapes from the foothills of the Andes, this elegant Malbec is complex with blackberry and blueberry flavours with hints of peppery spice and distinct cocoa notes. A long finish and pleasing smooth tannins make it the ideal accompaniment for succulent rare-to-medium steak, or full flavoured pasta dishes.

Type of Closure: Screwcap

Current Vintage: 2018
Grape Variety: Malbec
Winemaker: Ernesto Bajda
Agent: PLB Group
Vinification Details: The grapes were harvested in March and April, destemmed and crushed. Prior to fermentation the must was cold soak for 3 days. Fermentation occurred in upright steel tanks for 16 days at a temperature of around 28/30 degree C. This wine underwent malolactic fermentation to create a mouthfeel, before aging the wine in French and American Oak.
History: Catena set out to discover the best places to plant vineyards in Mendoza, identifying the best microclimates for Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Malbec. In addition, new techniques of cluster thinning and harvest practices were implemented to further increase concentration. This research program also led to the conclusion that the poor soils near the Andes, were actually ideal for quality viticulture.
Regional Information: Mendoza is renowned for housing some of the best winegrowing regions of Argentina. The character of Mendoza wines is forged in high altitude desert vineyards irrigated by mineral-rich snowmelt from glaciers and snowfields. High altitude means cool temperatures and clear air, and clear air means more sunlight for building flavour in the grapes, helping to make Mendoza the source of Argentina's well-earned reputation for top quality, unique wines.

Alcohol By Volume: 13
Units: 9.8
Taste Category: E - Full Bodied
Tasting Notes: Made by Argentina's celebrated Catena Family winemakers. Handpicked grapes, from the foothills of regions east of the Andes, are perfectly ripened, giving the wine elegant blackberry and plum flavours. Lighter notes of blueberry and white pepper develop into a long and fruity finish. Pair with red meats, full-flavoured pasta and mushroom dishes.
Serving Suggestion: A long finish and pleasing smooth tannins make it the ideal accompaniment for succulent rare-to-medium steak, or full flavoured pasta dishes

Statutory/Years: 18

Ingredients and Allergens

Contains: Eggs and Sulphites

Handling and Cooking


Store in a cool, dark place. This wine can be enjoyed now or carefully stored up to two years from purchase. Once open, drink within three days.

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