Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port 75cl, Case of 6



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Fine Tawny Port - Red Portuguese Wine

Wine of Portugal
Subtly oaky and smooth
A port matured in ancient oak wood evoking the splendour that a fine tawny should

Besides grapes and oak, this tawny's secret ingredient is our family's passion and craft, handed down for generations. In this bottle you'll taste delectable notes of dried fruits, nuts, and berries, characteristics of wood ageing at our lodges in the beautiful city of Porto, under the watchful eye of our cellar master - whose mark guarantees superb quality in every drop.

Alcohol By Volume: 19
Units: 14.3
Tasting Notes: The flavours of wood ageing have influenced this wine. So it has a lovely nuttiness but it also still has the chewy fruitiness, with flavours of raisins and dried figs, of our younger fruit-driven wines.
Serving Suggestion: Perfect at the end of a fine dinner or simply to enjoy with friends

Statutory/Years: 18

Ingredients and Allergens

Contains Sulphites

Handling and Cooking


This bottle should be stored lying down in a cool dark place "To enjoy this wine at its best, drink within < > of purchase."


Cockburn's Fine Tawny is a very good match with rich, creamy desserts, or dried fruits. Or a local secret is to pour it generously over vanilla ice cream: there is no treat quite like it.

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