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Sambuca with Raspberry Flavour Liqueur

Antica Raspberry Sambuca is a Raspberry flavoured twist on Antica Sambuca. Expect the same sweet and natural spirit obtained from the distillation and infusion of star anise, fruits, and herbs from Antica Sambuca but with an added Raspberry flavouring. Antica Sambuca is produced in line with a Flavours traditional recipe; using only premium Star Anise, blended with exceptionally smooth neutral spirit, sugar and water. The result is a deep, rich Raspberry taste, a truly exceptional Sambuca.

UK Health Department recommends adults do not regularly exceed the following: For Men 3-4 UK units daily. For Women: 2-3 UK units daily. Enjoy Responsibly Bottle - Recyclable

Alcohol By Volume: 38
Units: 27
Tasting Notes: Antica Raspberry is a blend of sweetness of Raspberry flavours mixed with the sourness of liquorice
Serving Suggestion: Best served straight up as a shot

Statutory/Years: 18

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Best served straight up as a shot

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