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Ancestral French liqueur with honey, herbs & spices. Bénédictine® is sublime and truly unique, making it without doubt one of the finest liqueurs available. Created in a flamboyant palais in the countryside of Normandy, Bénédictine® draws from the subtle alchemy of twenty-seven herbs and spices. It is made to a secret recipe of French Benedictine monks that is said to date back to 1510 Bénédictine® has a distinctive aroma of spices and citrus with a touch of honey. It is rich, full and with an intense flavour, balanced with sweetness. Delivering a warming aftertaste with notes of a coffee liqueur it combines the flavours of mocha coffee, fudge and vanilla through a zesty saffron and gingerbread finish Bénédictine® D.O.M. Liqueur, is the perfect accompaniment to champagne in the DOM Cocktail, and can also be sipped neat or enjoyed as an after-dinner liqueur. As one of the most highly regarded ingredients for great cocktails, Bénédictine has always been a favourite in every good cocktail bar throughout the ages. The secret recipe of Bénédictine® is said to date back to 1510 and is based on local plants enhanced by oriental spices The original recipe is said to have been crafted by monk Dom Vincelli, a legacy safeguarded by Alexandre Le Grand The production process takes place at Le Palais Bénédictine, located in the heart of Fécamp. Bénédictine® is an elixir; a subtle alchemy of 27 herbs and spices, carefully sourced from around the world Bénédictine® is still crafted at Le Palais Bénédictine using a complex process and the original copper pot stills Each drop of Bénédictine® takes over a year to make, requiring the skill and know-how of the Master Distiller

Ancestral French liqueur with honey, herbs & spices

  • Country of Origin France

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