Brooklyn Handcrafted Gin


Size: 1 x 700ml

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Hand-cracked juniper berries and freshly cut citrus peels. Distilled from grain. Hand-crafted in New York, one small batch at a time using traditional artisan spirit making methods, without compromises. Made with 100% fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper. The time and effort that goes into crafting Brooklyn Gin results in a superbly smooth gin that is fresh, complex and flavorful, with a long, clean and sublime finish. Tasting Notes: Crisp citrus backed by a big, fragrant lavender note on the nose. The fresh citrus flavours rush the front of the taste bringing levity and bright acidity, with the soft lavender and deep juniper emerging thereafter and underpinning the journey. The smooth floral notes linger long on the gin's silky finish.

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