Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate White Callets


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Standard fluidity. 36% total fat. 28% min. cocoa solids. 22% min. milk solids. From roasted whole cocoa beans. Balanced milky taste with vanilla note. Crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate. Proven for reliability, consistancy and workability. Chefs preferred choice. Kosher - D. Finest Belgian Chocolate This chocolate has been crafted from bean to chocolate in one of Belgium's oldest cocoa roasteries and chocolateries, founded by Octaaf Callebaut in 1911. Octaaf nurtured our fascination for the scent of freshly roasted cocoa beans and for the delicious taste of cocoa beans and for the delicious taste of skilfully crafted chocolate. His belief in great chocolate still drives us today and continues to bring out the best in every chef. And as the Finest Belgian Chocolate needs great cocoa beans, we support local cocoa farmers to keep on growing the finest beans, today and tomorrow. Part of every pack you buy is reinvested in farmer training and community projects. To keep your great chocolate stories going. Growing great beans sustainably together with cocoa farmers Reinvesting part of every pack you buy in farmer training & community projects You delight your customers every day in a sustainable way State-of-the-art conching for great taste and workability 5-roll refining for sensational mouthfeel Roasting the whole bean for a whole lot of flavour Blending selected beans to create our signature cocoa liquor Finest Belgian White Chocolate. Perfect for use in Brownies, Mousses, Chocolate Sauce, and all dessert applications Crafted in Belgian from sustainably sourced roasted whole beans Visit to see why Chefs love Callebaut and watch our 10 inspirational recipe videos. For further product information, sustainability, more recipes and tutorials visit

  • Contains Milk
  • Contains Soya
100 g
Energy 569 kcal
Fat 36 g
of which saturates 22 g
Carbohydrate 55 g
of which sugars 55 g
Protein 6,0 g
Salt 0,21 g

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