Carabao Energy Drink Original


Size: 12 x 330ml

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Half the sugar of Red Bull. Only 63 calories per can. Carabao® is a sparkling Original flavoured energy drink that contains taurine and caffeine with sugar and sweeteners. It also contains B vitamins which replenish energy* and relieve fatigue*. *Niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Per 100ml Per 330ml can
Energy 81 kJ (19 kcal)/1% RI 266 kJ (63 kcal)/3% RI
Fat 0 g/0% RI 0 g/0% RI
of which Saturates 0 g/0% RI 0 g/0% RI
Carbohydrate 4.5 g/5% RI 14.9 g/17% RI
of which Sugars 4.5 g/5% RI 14.9 g/17% RI
Protein less than 1 g/1% RI 1 g/2% RI
Salt 0.1 g/1% RI 0.3 g/5% RI
Niacin 10mg/63% RI 33mg/206% RI
Pantothenic Acid 2.5mg/42% RI 8.25mg/138% RI
Vitamin B6 2.5mg/179% RI 8.25mg/589% RI
Vitamin B12 2.5µg/100% RI 8.25µg/330% RI

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