Cîroc Pineapple Flavoured Vodka 70cl


Size: 12 x 750ml

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Cîroc pineapple is an ultra-premium flavoured vodka infused with the natural flavours of fresh, crushed pineapple. Cîroc flavoured vodkas are the fastest growing ultra-premium flavoured vodkas in the world. Cîroc pineapple has a delicious tropical and refreshing taste. Enjoy the juicy flavours of Cîroc pineapple in a Cîroc Pineapple Spritz. Distilled five times to ensure high quality, Cîroc Pineapple is then infused with the delicate natural flavours of fresh, crushed pineapple. Cîroc is perfect for celebrating in the most sophisticated way, with an elegant touch of French glamour.

The taste of Ciroc Pineapple is a juicy, perfectly ripened pineapple with a subtle hint of vanilla.

Cîroc Distilling Company, 17 Rue de la Banque, Paris 75002, France.

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