Douglas Laing's The Epicurean 700ml


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Non chill filtered small batch release. A marriage of the finest malt whiskies from Scotland's lowland region. Charmingly vibrant with bold notes of citrus, freshly cut grass and sugar. In 1930s, Glasgow City, there lived a man so stylish and witty, with a cheeky grin and twinkling eye, his dram in hand was seldom dry, he'd tempt you with indulgent treasures, fine food and drink his undoubted pleasures, exuding great knowledge and sophistication, our connoisseur deserved admiration, the life and soul of any party, he regaled those present with tales so hearty, of wondrous banquets in foreign climes, of sumptuous food and drink sublime! Around the town he gained such fame that "The Epicurean" soon became his nickname. Fred Laing Director of Malts "Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance" Epicurus Proud to be part of Douglas Laing's Remarkable Regional Malts Douglas Laing & Co ESTD 1948

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