Superior Beef Dripping Frying Fat 20kg



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Naturally low in trans fats

Superior beef dripping frying fat.

Handling and Cooking


HINTS FOR SUCCESSFUL FRYING This fat has been produced by traditional methods from the highest quality ingredients to ensure long life and flavour in your frying. To maintain these excellent characteristics and prevent foaming or darkening, we offer the following suggestions: To Prevent Foaming 1. Turn pans off when not in use, particularly in quiet periods. Heating without cooking damages fat. 2. Do not exceed the recommended levels of batter powder or bicarbonate of soda in your batter. 3. Ensure that detergent does not come into contact with the fat and that all traces are removed from utensils. 4. Never use utensils containing copper, brass or bronze. 5. Chemicals and additives in products such as sausages, burgers, onion rings etc. can adversely affect fat. When frying large quantities of these products, we suggest using a separate pan. To Prevent Darkening 1. Always use a fine sieve to clean fat thoroughly after every frying. 2. Warm up pans slowly from cold. 3. Do not use excessive amount of potato whitener and drain chips well before frying. 4. Excessive use of salt in batter will darken fat. 5. During quieter periods, try shallower frying-thus replenishing more often with fresh dripping. 6. Never overload pans, this lengthens cooking time, increases fat absorption and leads to fat breakdown. 7. Problems occur with potatoes during winter with the higher sugar content darkening the fat. Placing potatoes in hot water before chipping, can help to reduce this problem.

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