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Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl

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Asti - White Italian WineA sweet sparkling wine that delightfully echoes its origins in the uniquely hilly climate of Asti in the Piedmont region. Martini & Rossi is the leading...
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Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl Martini

Asti - White Italian Wine

A sweet sparkling wine that delightfully echoes its origins in the uniquely hilly climate of Asti in the Piedmont region. Martini & Rossi is the leading Italian sparkling wine producer. We harvest and store the fresh grape juice of Moscato Bianco grapes, harvested in the Asti DOC area. We arrest fermentation to keep the natural sweetness of the ripe musts that give Martini Asti its taste and aroma of grape juice, vine peaches, elderberry and sage. Its flavour is refreshing, sweet and fruity.

Type of Closure: Synthetic Cork: Other

Current Vintage: NV
Producer: Martini
Grape Variety: WhiteGrapeBlend
Agent: Martini
Vinification Details: In 1895, Federico Martinotti, invented a new method to create Spumante. By creating the secondary fermentation in a closed and sealed vat he found a way not only to make wines of consistently high quality, but also a way to do it more quickly in order to preserve the natural freshness of the grapes. The process is now: grapes to fermentation, secondary fermentation to bottle.
History: For over 150 years MARTINI has been passionate about crafting quality wine. Setting new standards, creating new styles of sparkling wines like rose & demi-sec makes MARTINI one of the pioneers in the story of Italian wine production. Today MARTINI Spumanti embody a wine making heritage that is handed down from generation to generation.
Regional Information: The growing areas for Asti (Piedmont) are difficult areas in which to grow vines. High on the hillsides the vineyards are small, steep and labour intensive. But their unique climate is perfect for the aromatic freshness we need. Machines can not easily operate here and harvesting is nearly always by hand.

Alcohol By Volume: 7.5
Units: 5.6
Tasting Notes: Intense, lightly aromatized with scents of fresh grape, melon and peach and brioche. Sweet, smooth, intense and elegant. Lovely, with good aromas of fresh fruit, like pears and pineapple, it has a harmonious finish
Serving Suggestion: Served chilled to 7 degree C

Statutory/Years: 18

Ingredients and Allergens

Contain Sulphites

Handling and Cooking


Store in a cool dry place. "To ensure this wine is consumed at its best, please see best before date on: Back of Label"


Serve chilled to 7 degree C.


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