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Bianco - White Italian Wine

Wine of Italy
Naturally infused with botanicals sourced from a selection of over 40 different herbs from around the world

Martini Bianco Vermouth is based on an original recipe passed down for generations. Natural ingredients, including up to 40 hand-selected botanicals, are used in a signature method called 'macerato a la girata lenta'.

Type of Closure: Screwcap

Current Vintage: NV
Producer: Martini
Grape Variety: WhiteGrapeBlend
Agent: Martini
Vinification Details: Martini starts life as 75% high quality wine. Martini uses only the finest wines and ingredients from in and around Torino. The finest carefully selected herbs and spices are then chosen to create the unique blend of each vermouth. Artmesia batinhum must always be added. Extracts are then created through Maceration and Distillation. Finally, in a process known as 'marrying', caramel is added, filtration takes place, the vermouth is rested in wooden barrels.
History: Martini has been creating premium vermouth for over 150 years using time honoured traditions and only the finest wines and ingredients. By 1912, MARTINI was the recipient of 13 Grand Prix and over 40 Gold medals at International Competitions.
Regional Information: Martini used premium Wines and Ingredients from in and around Torino. Martini has been producing vermouth from this region for over 150 years.

Alcohol By Volume: 15
Units: 11.3
Tasting Notes: Martini Bianco Vermouth, made from white wines, is graced with extracts of aromatic herbs and flowers that give it a unique base. Beneath its delicate innocence, Martini Bianco hides a wealth of flavour with notes of vanilla and citrus seducing the palate with an intense yet sweet, rounded smoothness
Serving Suggestion: Martini Bianco Vermouth is a perfect aperitivo accompaniment or best served with equal parts Martini Bianco Vermouth, premium tonic, ice and a slice of lime for classic vermouth drinks like Martini Bianco and Tonic

Statutory/Years: 18

Ingredients and Allergens

Contains Sulphites

Handling and Cooking


Once open best kept refrigerated. "To ensure this wine is consumed at its best, please see best before date on: Back of Label"


1. Fill with ice 2. Mezzo (half part) Martini! 3. Mezzo (half part) Tonic 4. Garnish (with citrus fruit)

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