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Whole Cloves

100% pure
Tested to ensure quality & safety

The flavour of whole cloves is sweet and fruity, yet sharp, hot and bitter at the same time. It has a warm aroma with subtle pepper and camphor notes.

Contents may settle after Caseing. Sealed for product and flavour integrity.


Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Cloves appear in many spice blends, including Garam Masala, Chinese 5 Spice and the French Quatre Epices with black pepper, nutmeg and ginger. Make a sugar stock with water, sugar, Whole Cloves, cardamom pods, bay leaves and lemon juice. Use to poach peaches, for a delicious warm dessert. Make a delicious fruity sauce for duck or game, by combining red wine, port, and red cherries with a cinnamon stick, Whole Cloves and a bay leaf. Simmer until rich and glossy.

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